Kingsbarns Whiskey Distillery

Location: St Andrews & Fife

Discover the art of Scottish whisky-making with a visit to Kingsbarns Distillery, a jewel in the crown of Scotland's East Neuk of Fife. Nestled just a stone's throw from the renowned Kingsbarns Golf Links, this distillery offers a unique blend of tradition and innovation, set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Scottish coastline. ProScot Golf Tours is delighted to present an exclusive experience at Kingsbarns Distillery, where the passion for whisky meets the love of golf in a harmonious blend of flavours and fairways.

As part of the ProScot Golf Tours experience, guests are invited to embark on a guided tour of Kingsbarns Distillery, uncovering the meticulous process of crafting its signature single malt whiskies. From the careful selection of barley to the slow distillation and patient aging in oak casks, every step in the process is designed to produce a whisky of exceptional quality and character. The tour culminates in a tasting session, where you can savour the subtle nuances and complex flavours that make Kingsbarns whisky a standout in the world of spirits.

Beyond the distillery, the Kingsbarns experience is enriched by its proximity to some of Scotland's most prestigious golf courses, offering enthusiasts the perfect opportunity to combine their passion for the game with their appreciation for fine whisky. Whether you're rounding off a memorable round of golf with a visit to the distillery or making Kingsbarns the focal point of your Scottish adventure, ProScot Golf Tours ensures a seamless and enriching experience.

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Based on 29 reviews

Joe Vega

2 months ago

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What an epic experience this golf trip was with Proscot Golf Tours . Nicola & and John made this golf trip very accommodating for us all . I highly recommend them for your next golf trip to play the golf courses and especially the iconic St. Andrew’s old course the # 1 in the world . Thank you again Nicola & John.
Best ,
Joe Vega

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keith kwasigroch

11 months ago

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Absolutely the best! Everyone at ProScot (John, Nicola, Patricia) were exceptionally professional, friendly, and helpful.

The tour they put together for us was incredible. Our accommodations in St Andrews we’re top notch. The golf courses were fabulous. Drivers were always on time!

They made sure we had everything we needed from snacks to drinks and were willing to be flexible in terms of schedule

They setup dinner reservations at amazing restaurants, and were able to provide advice on just about anything in the area.

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Jay Lannin

a month ago

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Unbelievable experience and John and Nicola provided fantastic service. I'm going back to Scotland to play golf again and wouldn't consider any other company! ProScot Golf Tours Ltd are best in class with guaranteed access to the best courses Scotland has to offer.

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Rui Rijo

3 months ago

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We had an excellent experience. We were provided with high-quality support. John, Nicole and Patricia were extremely attentive and caring, always very available. I highly recommend the company to anyone interested in visiting Scotland and its golf courses. I intend to return and will certainly request the services of ProScot Golf again.

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a year ago

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Wonderful experience and our clients had the most memorable time in Scotland. The organisation and communication was seamless and would definitely work with the team again! . Thank you so much John, Nicola and Patricia!

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