Edinburgh Castle

Location: Edinburgh City Centre

Edinburgh Castle, a historic fortress that dominates the skyline of Scotland's capital from its position atop Castle Rock, is an iconic symbol of Scottish heritage and a must-visit landmark for travellers from around the globe. This ancient stronghold holds centuries of history within its walls, offering visitors a captivating journey through Scotland's tumultuous past. From the Crown Jewels and the Stone of Destiny to the Great Hall and St. Margaret's Chapel, the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh, each corner of the castle tells a story, echoing the lives of kings, queens, and soldiers who once roamed its grounds.

The castle's strategic location provides breathtaking panoramic views of Edinburgh, making it a perfect spot for photographers and sightseers alike. As you wander through its gates, you're not just exploring a castle; you're stepping into the pages of history, where every stone and artifact has a tale to tell. Beyond its historical significance, Edinburgh Castle also hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, including the famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo, an unparalleled spectacle of music, colour, and light.

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Based on 28 reviews

Rui Rijo

2 weeks ago

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We had an excellent experience. We were provided with high-quality support. John, Nicole and Patricia were extremely attentive and caring, always very available. I highly recommend the company to anyone interested in visiting Scotland and its golf courses. I intend to return and will certainly request the services of ProScot Golf again.

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Absolutely the best! Everyone at ProScot (John, Nicola, Patricia) were exceptionally professional, friendly, and helpful.

The tour they put together for us was incredible. Our accommodations in St Andrews we’re top notch. The golf courses were fabulous. Drivers were always on time!

They made sure we had everything we needed from snacks to drinks and were willing to be flexible in terms of schedule

They setup dinner reservations at amazing restaurants, and were able to provide advice on just about anything in the area.

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11 months ago

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Wonderful experience and our clients had the most memorable time in Scotland. The organisation and communication was seamless and would definitely work with the team again! . Thank you so much John, Nicola and Patricia!

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9 months ago

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Absolutely Top Drawer!!
Accommodations, courses, transportation were all first rate! John & Nicola are wonderful people and the service they offer is 5 star!
Met and exceeded all expectation! I will definitely use them in the future.
Thank you for a very enjoyable and memorable trip!

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Proscot with pro John Scott give you an excellent golf experience. You will be met at the airport and brought to the hotel in a nice luxury car. John will pick you up every morning and bring you to the golf course where he will give you lessons on the driving range. He is the perfect companion on the course and a happy Scotsman. We just love him and Proscot.

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