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The Bucket List

Explore A Variety Of Bucket List Tour Packages

Step into the pages of golfing history with our Open Venues tour packages, where the legends of the game have walked and the greatest stories in golf have unfolded. These iconic courses, past and present venues of The Open, represent the pinnacle of world golf, offering an unparalleled experience for every enthusiast of the game.

Immerse yourself in over six centuries of golfing heritage at the St Andrews Old Course, the most celebrated golfing location on the globe. Here, every swing is a brushstroke on the canvas of history, where the spirit of the game resonates with every shot. Alternatively, relive the epic ‘Duel in the Sun’ at Turnberry’s Ailsa Championship Links, where giants like Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson have carved their names into golfing lore.

Here you have the opportunity to explore a variety of tour packages, each offering a unique journey through these legendary fairways. These tours are not just trips; they are pilgrimages to the heart of the golfing world. You’ll walk the same grounds as the sport’s greatest players, feeling the legacy and the magic that permeates these hallowed courses.

Create Your Own Bespoke Golf Tour

For those seeking a more personalised experience, we invite you to create your custom golf tour. Let us help you design a journey that caters to your specific desires, whether it’s playing one of Scotland’s iconic courses or combining several of our hidden gems for the ultimate golfing adventure. Request a quote and let us craft an unforgettable golfing experience that echoes the grandeur and tradition of these esteemed Scottish Golfing Venues.

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Let ProScot Golf Tours Create Your Perfect Scottish Golfing Package

Upon your arrival at 'The Home of Golf', you can expect to receive the very best in Scottish hospitality. Our resident PGA Professional, John Scott, along with our experienced tour team will be dedicated to attending to all your requirements during your journey, both day and night.

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Once-in-a-lifetime golf experiences

We offer once-in-a-lifetime golf experiences, where each golf tour is a journey through Scotland’s rich golfing history. Led by our PGA Pro John Scott’s expertise, indulge in tours that resonate with golfing passion and modern luxury travel and accommodation, ensuring every moment is as unique and unforgettable as the courses themselves.

The best golf Scotland has to offer

Experience the best golf Scotland has to offer with A ProScot Golf Bucket List Tour, where every tour is a narrative of golfing excellence. Our personalised approach to our packages and expert golfing knowledge ensure a refined journey through Scotland’s legendary courses, defining the pinnacle of golf tourism.

Exquisite golf travel packages

ProScot Golf Tours presents exquisite golf travel packages, epitomising the fusion of modern luxury travel and the historic Scottish golfing heritage. Our tours are crafted with detail and care, ensuring a golfing experience that is as majestic as the landscapes it traverses, tailored to every golfer’s dream.